Roads, Asphalt & Infrastructure

About the Division

The Roads, Asphalt & Infrastructure Division is registered as Excellent Grade in the Sultanate’s Tender Board. It is also registered as Excellent Grade with PAEW (Public Authority for Water & Electricity) as well as registered with Ministry of Defense, Royal Court Affairs, Muscat Municipality & various other Government establishments.

One of the main strength of this division is that it holds holds one of the largest fleet of paving equipment in the country which is operated by experienced teams for all types of paving. The Division has over 20 teams with the full range of required equipment consisting of some of the best brands available in the region.

HSE & Quality

The Road, Asphalt & Infrastructure Division leads the industry in several areas:

  • Quality control: Quality control technicians & initiatives maintain the overall safety of the site, monitor truck placement & traffic control, check grades & ensure that projects go smoothly & meet specifications.
  • Production: As a full-service integrated supplier, the division controls not only the production of the asphalt but also its application, guaranteeing a superior product from start to finish.
  • Commitment to excellence: A great deal of work hard is put in to live up to the reputation for highly trained crews, top-notch equipment, & outstanding results.
  • Environmental & sustainability initiatives: Product innovation, which includes the latest advances in warm-mix asphalt & recycled asphalt pavements (RAP), is second to none.
  • Advanced equipment technology: State-of-the-art technology including electronics, GPS systems, material transfer devices, high-tech rollers, & oscillating rollers are employed.
  • Safety initiatives: Employees’ safety is of prime importance, & many methods are utilized — including balloon lights; reflective vests, arm bands, & gloves; & other safety gear & safeguards — to ensure that every employee goes home safely at the end of the day.