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As the construction operations of the Group grew in the late 70s & early 80s, it was apparent that there was a shortage of quality ready mix concrete & concrete blocks. To support the construction operations, the Cement Products Division was set up in 1984, initially for the supply of ready mix concrete & soon thereafter the manufacture of concrete blocks. From this small beginning the Cement Products Division has now grown to be the largest operator in the Ready Mix Concrete & Concrete Blocks sector in Oman.

To maintain its place as the market leader in the construction sector, the Cement Products Division continues to invest in state of the art technology & has the country’s only chilled aggregate plant & a crusher with cyclone washing system in the country.
HSE & Quality

The modern machineries used in the division are all compliant with European Safety Standards & maintained accordingly.

Cleanliness & housekeeping are of the highest standards which serves to maintain a safe working environment as well as supports the production of a high quality products.

All quality for this division is overseen by a team comprised of qualified & skilled professionals who undertake regular testing of raw materials & frequent sampling of products. Al Tasnim’s laboratories are fully equipped to test the following elements: cement, aggregates, water, admixtures, ready mixed concrete, & concrete products.

Quality control is an integral part of all the production processes, supported by comprehensive lab facilities. Al Tasnim’s laboratories persistently work towards development of the highest quality concrete mixtures derived from several chemical & mineral additives. A total of 23 staff are allotted to quality control duties.

All permanent plants are ISO 9001 certified.

Ready mix concrete is one of the most important materials in a rapidly growing construction market such as Oman. Recognized as the leading supplier of ready mix concrete in the country, the division has the required infrastructure to support the market needs. In addition to 9 permanent batching plants located across Oman (including Ghala, Misfah, Rumais, Muladha, Sohar, & Buraimi), Al Tasnim’s facilities include over 175 transit mixers with 8-12 cubic meter capacity, & 30 mobile concrete pumps with boom lengths ranging from 36-56 meters.

Al Tasnim’s quarries meet all requirements of aggregate crusher materials, & working directly from its own raw materials allows it to ensure high quality from start to finish. To meet the stringent standards demanded by our international consultants, for major projects, the division has invested in a chilled aggregate plant in its twin 200 m³ per hour batchers on the outskirts of the city. This will allow concrete to be produced at temperatures below 28℃ when the ambient temperature is 46℃. This is the only such facility in the country.

The division’s batching capacity is supported by :
  • 175 Transit mixers;
  • 30 Concrete Pumps;
  • 90 Tipper trailers;
  • 24 Bulk cement transporters.

Al Tasnim have an excellent reputation for production & supply of ready mix concrete in the Oman market.
With the ability to create innovative concrete masonry blocks, paving blocks, kerb stones and decorative concrete products that meet stringent international standards, Al Tasnim’s Cement Product Division has become the go-to for the nation’s concrete block needs. Some of the divisions top of the line block plants located in Ghala, Misfah, Sohar & Rumais. The manistay of production is MASA plants in Sohar , Misfah and Besser Plants in Ghala.

With a total daily production rate of 250,000 units of masonry blocks, 8,000 m2 of interlocking paving blocks, and 2,900 units of kerb stones, quality is closely controlled by a crew of qualified professionals with stringent standards. Our technical staff are available for mix design work and discussions with consultants as part of the approval process in all projects. Currently there are 7 concrete block production facilities have the capacity to produce 250,000 blocks per day with plans to increase this by 160,000 for a total of 410,000 blocks per day. Due to the professionally operated and maintained plants, our blocks meet all required international standards including Oman, British & American.

The blocks are available in a full range of sizes including 90mm, 140mm and 190mm. We recognize the importance of service and meet the customers needs with a fleet of 26 trailers to ensures timely and professional delivery.

Our comprehensive range of pre-cast products include the following:
  • Concrete Masonry Blocks (Solid, Hollow & Cellular);
  • Concrete Hourdi Blocks;
  • Insulated Concrete Blocks;
  • Modular Blocks;
  • Claustra Blocks;
  • Concrete Cover Blocks.
In addition to Concrete blocks, our block making equipment can also be utilised for the production of:
  • Kerbstones(Complete range meeting Government standards);
  • Paving slabs;
  • Interlock / paving blocks – multiple shapes & patterns;
  • Other precast concrete products.

Other precast concrete products can also be produced such as:
  • Manholes;
  • Drawpits;
  • Drainage chambers.
Due to the importance of quality control of aggregate in all the production lines, our crushers at Halban & Sohar are the only source of aggregates that provide raw materials to our batching plants. With a capacity of 1,200 MTs per hour, Al Tasnim is a major operator in aggregate production for Ready Mixed Concrete & Block making plants. Further, being the only company in possession of a cyclone washing systems British system the country, Al Tasnim has complete control over the quality of aggregate production. Quality is stringently controlled through regular testing to conform to Omani & British standard specifications.
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