Oil & Gas

About the Division

The Oil & Gas Division executes multi-discipline engineering design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning & commissioning services. The division’s largest subcontract is the Off-plot Delivery Contract (being executed by Al Turki Enterprises L.L.C.), a contract with Petroleum Development of Oman, which covers all Off-plot works in the south of Oman. This Division currently employs 6,000 people.

The division extensive track record proves its expertise in onshore multi-discipline engineering services. With the inception 1993 the division has grown into stature & soon become a specialist service provider in Oil & Gas Sector. On an average, the division executes supply & installation of 500 km of Flowlines & 100 KM of Pipelines/Headers (CS/GRE/DSS) of various size ranging upto 24″ ø (approx. 300 different well completions). The range of services include installations of HDPE Pipe Lining, around 500 km per year, & carrying out Rotolining of Pipes & Spools for on-plot applications. Integrity maintenance, Station works, MSV’s Manifolds, fast tracked Civil & Infrastructure Development, Electrical, Control & Automation Engineering services are part of the routine scope of work.

The division is continuously on the move to engage top notch innovative measures to enhance our reputation as a leading EPC service provider. The latest addition to the suite of services provided by the group is introduction of “Automatic Welding” to support the fast track construction projects.

There is a highly experienced management team which ensures the successful completion of integrated projects with the capacity to oversee large scale Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts.

HSE & Quality

  • ODC South achieved working of 761 days & 39.1 million man-hours without LTI as of 31st July 2016. In the process, completed driving of 53.83 million kilometres without RTA related LTI as of 31st July 2016.
  • ODC Bahja completed 4 years & achieved 12 million man-hours without LTI. 30 million kilometres were driven without RTA related LTI as of 29th March 2016.
  • ODC Marmul completed 4 years & achieved 15.28 million man-hours without LTI. 26.75 million kilometres were driven without RTA related LTI as of 13th August 2016.
  • ODC Amal completed 3 years & achieved 4.83 million man-hours without LTI. 8.89 million kilometres were driven without RTA related LTI as of 21st September 2015.
  • ODC Nimr completed 02 years & achieved 12.8 million man-hours without LTI. 16.6 million kilometres were driven without RTA related LTI as of 2nd July 2016.
  • The Oil & Gas Division is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


  • Flowlines from Well Location to Gathering Station / Manifolds / Multi Port Selector Valves (MSVs).
  • FEED & DD of field development including MSVs, Headers, Flow Metering etc.
  • Civil design of well pads & Access Road
  • Detailed Design (DD) of Buildings, Warehouses, Workshops etc.
  • Electrical Infrastructure to support Flowlines including OHL design & Well pad Electrification.
  • Control & Automation (C&A) design to automate well hook-ups
  • New or upgraded class 2 flow lines, headers and new class 1 GRP flow lines
  • Manifold, MSVs
  • 33 kV overhead spur lines
  • Integrity Projects to upgrade existing off-plot facilities
  • DD based on standard Drawing package for new or upgrading of Oil and Gas well hook-ups, well testing and associated off-plot facilities
  • Plot plan development details, topographic work, & soil investigation amongst others
  • Site preparation drawings: roads, ramps & paving, culverts, fencing, gates & access barriers, parking lots, wadi & flood protection, general notes & legends amongst others
  • External works: potable water network, roof tanks, sewage/drainage layout & details, soak away pits, sceptic tanks, irrigation networks & soft landscaping amongst others
  • Equipment foundations: design calculations & drawings
  • Valve operating platforms, walkover & crossover platforms
  • Pipe supports, pipe racks & bridges, sleeves
  • Sun shades: GA, foundations & details
  • Pump houses & miscellaneous sheds & structures
  • Line Pipes (CS & GRE), LLRTP Pipes
  • Duplex Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Pipes & Fittings
  • Valves – Gate / Globe / Check / Ball / Choke & Monoflange
  • Beam Pump Skids & Motors
  • Instrument Air Compressor Packages
  • MSV Skid Mounted Well Test Units
  • Electrical Hook-up Material
  • Motor Control Panels/Utilities
  • Wellhead Transformer Packages
  • Concrete/Wooden Poles for OHL
  • Fibre Optic Cable
  • Water Cut Meters
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meters
  • Multi-Phase Flow Meters
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Rod Pump Controllers
  • Smart Coriolis Flow Meters
  • Temperature & Pressure Gauges
  • Activities associated with installation & pre-commissioning of Flowlines (GRE, CS, DSS), Pipelines (CS, GRE) & associated utility support.
  • PE Lining of CS Pipelines
  • Hydrostatic Testing of CS, CS+PE & GRE Pipelines
  • MSV / Manifold Installation
  • Heat Shrink Sleeve Application
  • LLRTP Reclaiming/Laying
  • 33KV OHL Construction
  • Installation & Testing of MSVs, HV Transformers 33kV/433V
  • Laying & Termination of HV/LV Cables
  • C & A activities related to well automation & fluid metering.
  • Integrity Services such as Flowline & Pipeline Replacements
  • Civil Support for above ground / underground Pipelines, On-plot surface equipment etc.
  • Earthwork for Access Roads & Well site.
  • Commissioning support prior to introducing Hydrocarbons
  • Live function & performance test for all systems
  • Provision of all necessary plant, equipment, scaffolding & hand tools, management support, training, logistics, work planning.
  • Pre-commissioning of the facilities (multi-discipline).
  • Road construction & repair
  • Miscellaneous civil well pads & pad access roads
  • Emergency flow line & pipeline repairs