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About the Subdivision
As asphalt producers Al Tasnim is one of the leading companies in Oman with an average production of over 800,000 tons per annum. This operational benefits stem from the Al Tasnim integration policy where the company owns & operates process from quarries to crusher to asphalt mixing & then asphalt laying.

All mix designs for asphalt are approved by the relevant authorities including MOTC (Ministry of Transport) & Al Tasnim produced asphalt has been widely used in some of the iconic projects in the country such as the Batinah Expressway.

Al Tasnim are also one of the very few contractors in the country who are experienced in the use of SUPER PAVE technology & have laid over 100,000 tons of Superpave asphalt at the new Muscat International Airport.


All production plants & sites have been provided with state of the art laboratory facilities.

The division has asphalt plants located at the following strategic locations.

  • Halban – 200 Tons per hour capacity plant;
  • Sohar – 200 Tons per hour capacity plant;
  • Nizwa (Behala) – 120 Tons per hour plant.

Establishment of additional plants currently underway in

  • Duqm – 200 Tons per hour capacity plant;
  • Samail – 240 Tons per hour capacity plant;
  • Thumrait – 160 Tons per hour capacity plant.

Our Facilities