Roads, Asphalt & Infrastructure



About the Subdivision
Infrastructure subdivision is headed by a team of qualified Electrical, Mechanical & Drainage engineers with many years of experience behind them, a strength when bidding & delivering EPC contracts. With an eye of developing markets & technologies. The Group in the process of setting up a district cooling team to cater the needs of ever growing air conditioning markets.


All operations are centrally controlled from Sohar which is backed up by the tendering department & the finance department from the corporate headquarters at Muscat.

The Infrastructure subdivision is able to execute works relating to:

  • Water supply lines (large networks);
  • Drainage systems (both gravity & pressurized systems);
  • Concrete/HDPE chambers & manholes;
  • Jack wells/Sea water intake piping;
  • Water Treatment Plants;
  • Sewage Treatment Plants;
  • All associated civil works for treatment plants;
  • Electrical substation works up to 33KV;
  • Major electrical works relating to distribution networks including transformers/sub stations/main panel rooms etc;
  • Low current systems for both security & safety systems;
  • Public Address systems;
  • Firefighting systems.