Building Finishes


Joinery & Carpentry

About the Subdivision
Interior finishes & woodwork set an Al Tasnim building apart from others. Our Joinery & Carpentry subdivision oversees the beautification of building interiors & has successfully delivered some of the most iconic interiors in the country, including Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, The Chedi & Al Mouj Muscat.
The subdivision has also successfully set benchmarks across the nation that matches international standards.

Having a fully equipped workshop, including German & Italian CNC carving machines, kiln drying & automatic spray painting machines & laminate presses, this subdivision boasts of a wide product range & a highly prestigious client base.

Product range includes:-

  • Fire doors
  • Fitted furniture
  • Mashrabias
  • Carved/panelled/flush doors
  • Flooring
  • Wall panelling
  • Pergolas

Our Facilities