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About the Subdivision
This subdivision consists of 3 product categories, namely:

1. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is made from a precise combination of specially developed Alkali Resistant (AR) glass fibres & cement sand mortar. Al Tasnim’s environmentally-friendly glass reinforced concrete combines the compressive properties of cement mortars with the flexural & tensile strength of glass fibres. The resulting product is resistant to moisture penetration, atmospheric attack, & sand erosion.

2. Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) also known as Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), is made from a mixture of e-glass fibres & polyester resin, resulting in a glass-like material that is lightweight, strong, stiff, tough, chemical resistant, & aesthetically appealing.

3. GRG a special grade Glass-fibre Reinforced Gypsum, made of high quality alpha gypsum, is made water resistant by addition of alkaline resistance glass-fibres & silicon additives. Its high impact strength & excellent fabrication flexibility coupled with fast installation make it an ideal choice for numerous architectural applications.


GRC includes a range of custom made applications which include:
  • Decorative screens;
  • Air conditioning covers;
  • Claddings;
  • Column capital bases;
  • Domes;
  • Castellation;
  • Planters;
  • Permanent formwork.

Key attributes of GRC include:
  • Easily mouldable to produce a wide range of intricate shapes & profiles;
  • Light weight, quick & easy to handle, reduced erection & transportation costs;
  • Reduced loadings on buildings leading to substantial reductions in structural & foundation costs (These work especially well for building renovations & restorations);
  • Ability to reproduce fine surface details;
  • Low maintenance requirements;
  • Good freeze-thaw resistance;
  • Low permeability;
  • Excellent fire properties;
  • Environmentally-friendly;
  • Non-combustible.
GRP applications include:
  • Architectural light weight cladding panels;
  • Stadium ceilings & vaults;
  • Logos;
  • Emblems;
  • Manhole liners;
  • Modular buildings;
  • Kiosks;
  • Car park shades;
  • Water tanks;
  • Sewage holding tanks;
  • Translucent domes;
  • Corrugated roofing.

Key attributes of GRP include:
  • Easily mouldable to architectural forms & shapes;
  • High strength to weight ratio;
  • Wide performance range;
  • Low manufacturing cost;
  • High resistance to impact;
  • Resistant to corrosion;
  • Good electrical characteristics;
  • Heat & sound insulation;
  • Translucency & colour impregnation.
GRG applications include:
  • Cornices;
  • Mouldings;
  • Flat ceiling;
  • Column capital;
  • Arches;
  • Domes.

Key attributes of GRG include:
  • Flame & moisture resistance;
  • Thermal & sound insulation;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Flexibility;
  • Impact Resistance.
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