Al Tasnim enables enhanced healthcare access in Sultanate



MUSCAT: With the contribution of an impressive health centre in the Dhofar region, the Al Tasnim Group is enabling enhanced healthcare access in the Sultanate. Al Tasnim recently donated to finance the establishment of a health centre in Barbazoom area Wilayat Thumrait – Dhofar Governorate by collaborating with the Ministry of Health (MoH) towards bolstering its commitment to the Sultanate. The project was conceptualised in early 2017 when the Ministry of Health put forth a proposal for healthcare infrastructural development in Barbazoom. The health centre is going to be a state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped with the latest medical equipment and infrastructure.


The agreement signing was held recently between the Ministry of Health and Al Tasnim Enterprises. The meeting was presided by Sheikh Musallam bin Ahmed Al Hadri, Wali of Thumrait, Dr.Khalid Al Mushekhi, director general of health service – Dhofar Governorate MoH, along with Al Tasnim Enterprises represented by Devaki Khimji, managing director and Farrokh J. Masani, chief operating officer. The meeting also saw the presence of many esteemed dignitaries. This agreement reinforces Al Tasnim’s focus on giving back to society. Al Hadhri stated, “This centre is coming up in a very active area with multiple residents. It is also a region that connects wilayat Thumrait to other areas. We congratulate Al Tasnim on this initiative and pray to Almighty that everything turns out as per plan.” The initiative was steered by Devaki Khimji as a token of gesture towards a vision of building a healthier Sultanate. “It is our utmost pleasure to give back to the country that has given us so much. The decision to donate the centre and contribute to healthcare was a unanimous one as we all see it as our way of helping the citizens gain easier access to better healthcare,” she said. Al Tasnim will continue to focus on community welfare programmes in other areas such as education and skill training. “It is our wish that this centre provides health services to the area and surrounding areas meeting the needs of all residents,” affirmed Dr Khalid.


Built on the Sala – Marmul – Muscat link road, the location is optimal as it not only serves the Barbazoom community but is also easily accessible to the neighbouring areas. Al Tasnim Group has funded the centre to provide the latest medical equipment that will be able to optimally serve the immediate need of patients. The centre will comprise primary healthcare services including pharmacy, radiology, therapeutic examination clinic for men and women, immunisation clinic for children, maternity and childhood clinic, medical laboratory and other support services. Speaking of the engagement with the MoH and to bring this idea to execution, Masani stated, “We are thankful to MoH Thumrait Wali office and people of Barbazoom for giving us the opportunity to serve the community and to do our bit in making quality healthcare accessible to all. The project is estimated to be completed in 12 months and we hope that this centre will eliminate the long-distance travel that the residents of the village have to endure and aid in saving precious lives.”

“We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to contribute to the cause of health in Oman and hope that this step will provide a valued inspiration to other private sector companies and encourage more social contributions in the Sultanate,”added Devaki

Published By: Times of Oman
Published On: January 31, 2018
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